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The EZ Lotto Scratch R Pen  is a patent pending specialized pen used to remove the surface of any instant lottery scratch off ticket or promotional automatically, with just a push of a button. 
                 "EZ Lotto Instant Scratch Pen " Advantage
 1.   Scratching off with a coin, key or your finger nail, a knife always  makes a  big mess everywhere. Now shaving are a thing of the past with my special tip, that makes them almost disappear.
2.  For older with , they now can scratch off without difficulty and pain by pressing the button and letting the auto lotto pen do the work for them .
3.    Now scratch off were you intend to without going outside the box and missing your or symbol .                                

4. Let the cool illuminate your favorite scratch off item and show you the way to richest. 
 5.The stylish stylus on the tip of the top, will keep your internet and games in fluid motion and finally give your finger a break.

Watch my COOL video, click link below .
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