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                   "EZ Lotto ScratchR Pen " Advantage
 1.   Scratching off with a coin, key, your finger nail, or a knife always makes a big mess everywhere. Shavings become a thing of the past with my specialized tip that makes them almost disappear.
2.    Now scratch off where you intend to without going outside the box or missing your symbol.                                

3. Let the cool light illuminate your favorite scratch off item and show you the way to riches. 
 4.   The tip has a stylus that will keep your internet and games in fluid motion and finally give your finger a break.

Watch my COOL videos, click links below .

ez lotto scratchr ibackside of package 

The " World's First Scratch off pen"  was conceived on June 26, 2012 

We found a way to get it built  

Started from the bottom now we are here ...

Finished product  Ez Lotto ScratchR

April 19, 2015  The Ez Lotto ScratchR will be on channel 5 KPXI at 8 am on Black Renaissance 

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